chs teaches local students about agriculture

CHS Elburn is proud to support the DeKalb County Farm Bureau as they work together to help educate the next generation in ag.

Over 340 students visited CHS Elburn’s Sycamore Agronomy facility to learn about the cooperative system, careers in agriculture, seed treatment, technology, fertilizer and crop protectants. Students learned about the many different products that contain corn and soybeans and were able to pick an ear of corn. They also saw how soil samples are taken and the different products used to help crops grow and keep pests away. Additionally, students were educated on farm equipment and the many different career options available within the agriculture industry.

“Today, many students do not have much exposure to the agriculture and farming industry,” said David Kleckner, Sycamore Agronomy facility manager, “This tour is a great way for students to learn more about the industry and the wide range of career opportunities available.”

CHS Elburn was one of four stops for the annual Sycamore Middle School 8th Grade Farm Field Trip organized by the DeKalb County Farm Bureau. During the trip, students rotated through farms including Tracy Jones’ beef and grain farm and Steve Ward’s pig farm. The students also stopped at and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau.