chs elburn employees receive grain bin rescue training

DARIEN, Wis., July 17,2017 – Employees at CHS Elburn Darien, Wis. facility participated in two hours of engulfment training alongside local firefighters during a Grain Safety Day with Stateline Farm Rescue.

The safety day was held by Darien Fire and EMS and was an eight-hour OSHA Compliance course with Stateline Farm Rescue involving both classroom and hands-on learning.

The hands-on training included a grain bin simulator filled with grain provided by CHS Elburn.

Employees were able to climb in the simulator to get an understanding of how quickly someone can become engulfed in grain.  They were then able to work together to rescue the person in the simulator.

Employees also learned about the proper steps to take in the event of a grain bin engulfment incident.

“This training was a huge benefit for our employees,” said Location Manager Chris Keil, “Safety is a primary concern in our industry; it is important employees have the proper training to know what to do in the event of an emergency.”

Stateline Farm Rescue is the first ag rescue training agency to build a state-of-the-art simulator with the purpose of training customers on site, where ever that may be.

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