chs elburn brings ag to the classroom


On Monday, May 1, 2017, CHS Elburn employee Mike Kinsella visited approximately sixty-four kindergarten students at Blackberry Creek Elementary School to teach them about agriculture. Kinsella talked with the class about crops grown on the farm, different machinery used on the farm and safety around the farm. The children were also able to sit on a tractor provided by AHW John Deere and each student had a chance to sit in the sprayer.

The in-house field trip was a great addition to their current unit “Prior to starting our chick unit, we did a week-long unit on a farmer’s job, machinery and buildings on a farm, animals that are raised and crops that are grown” said Diane Pierson, Blackberry Creek Elementary Teacher, “Seeing equipment in real life is an experience that the kindergarteners will never forget.”

Mike Kinsella has been visiting the elementary school the last few years to get the children excited about agriculture. CHS Elburn is proud to support the next generation in ag.

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